Niche Marketing Strategy

A niche market is a market segment in which you focus on a very specific product that is designed for the people in the market segment. NICHE MARKETING is when you market the specific product to this niche market.

A niche marketing strategy helps your specific product immediately stand out from other products in a larger market, and takes the product right to the consumers in the niche market. Very often, when you’re doing niche marketing really well, you’re able to quickly find the right audience (or even consumers) in the “niche”, and you’re able to do well with affiliate marketing where you sell other people’s products.

Here are some niche marketing examples.

I hope the books, guides, and/or tools listed below are going to help you build your NICHE!

I wrote this analytics book and made it available for free on my website. The topics cover web analytics as an overall introduction and the practical setup of Google Analytics including Enhanced Ecommerce, Goal Tracking, Campaign Tracking, Custom Dimensions and Metrics, and more. It has a few topics on Piwik (an open-source web analytics tool).


This SEO book that I wrote has topics on how to optimize your Chinese website for mobile, and how to properly set up analytics to measure your SEO performance and identify the next growth opportunity. The book starts with the SEO strategies that fit with Baidu (and/or the local search engines), and shows all the methods to speed up the loading of websites.

Free Traffic Sources

200+ tactics to get free traffic to your website! When you first started a new website, you almost always struggle to get visitors to your site. How to promote your website? I have compiled a complete list which includes all the free traffic sources (i.e. social media, search engines, social bookmarking, file/photo sharing, etc) your site can get new visitors from.

List Building Guide
31 tactics for listing building – An email list is one of the most powerful business assets you can have. You must be smart about email list building (or lead generation). All the tactics in this guide are ready for you to apply, and they will improve your lead generation campaign and quickly get you more email addresses.

This Mobile Website Book that I wrote has 2 parts. The first part is how to optimize your website’s performance i.e. How to speed up the loading of your site. I have made this book available for free reading on my website. The second part is how to build a mobile website that is in HTML5 and/or make good use of AMP to make your site both user-friendly and mobile-friendly.

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